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The Spirit of Adventure

Look around and you’ll see how modern life has dimmed our spirit of adventure. We know our souls yearn for more, and Wonderland Distilling Company was born in Michigan to capture the independent energy that motivates every Michigander.

Drawing from legacy blending methods, perfected before Prohibition, each grain of our Blend of Straight Whiskeys — corn, wheat and rye — is distilled on its own and independently aged. By blending after maturation, Wonderland creates a consistent flavor profile in every bottle.

The Taste

Beginning with a sweet nose of dark caramel, brown sugar, brioche and raisins, this blend has a long, caramel finish with a hint of fresh mint.

The Ingredients

A custom blend of local whiskeys from hand-selected barrels – 100 percent Michigan rye and Michigan wheat whiskeys, combined with 100% corn bourbon whiskey, aged separately and small batch blended at our Muskegon distillery.

84 Proof
42% ABV
750 ML
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